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Challenge #4 – Dan (and Dallas)

Summer Challenge #4 – July 1, 2016, Dan and Dallas

Dallas and I decided to attempt the fourth summer challenge on Friday of the Canada Day long weekend. With a typical start, we crammed the car full of bikes and gear and headed straight to the coffee shop for a wake up call. The forecast and current weather looked promising as we set off to the starting point in Beausejour.

Arriving in town, we parked at the Co-Op, assembled the bikes and set off just after 7:30am. Our plan was to navigate gravel over to the Drifter’s Inn in Lac Du Bonnet and pick up anything we might need for the long haul as it was unclear what might be available beyond that point based on our estimated travel schedule and the fact that it was a holiday weekend. Continue reading “Challenge #4 – Dan (and Dallas)”

Summer Challenge #4

Well, this year I thought I’d try the challenge with Dan who’s a FAR better rider than I but luckily balanced with patience and the gamble paid off. We left Beasejour early in the am with perfect conditions plenty of water, food, and oodles of excitement. The first few miles ticked by easily until I got a flat and figured it was the beginning of the end only to find it was my rim strip (woohoo). A quick tubed change and electrical tape to replace the strip and we were back in action grinding away.
Yes, we had a scare or two with some B roads but karma was good and we rolled along in the sun eating cheese, pepperoni, gorp bars and skittles. Drifters Inn came quickly and coke was had and tweets were sent. Continue reading “Summer Challenge #4”

Jim’s Summer Challenges 1 and 4

Summer Challenge # 4

As I was re-assembling my bike after my flight from Ontario, I dropped the nut for the end of the skewer for my front wheel, and watched it roll off the 16th floor balcony, never to be seen again. Was this the way my summer challenges were going to go? Fortunately MEC was still open and had an old one lying around that they could give me. Ready to ride! Continue reading “Jim’s Summer Challenges 1 and 4”

Not Exactly Manitoba

On May 25th Dan and I left for Glasgow to participate in the Highlands 550, a 550 mile bikepacking race through the Scottish Highlands. It is probably better to call it, as described on the event page, an individual time trial through some of the best country the highlands has to offer. Below are some pictures, a couple of links, and a few words of what we experienced.

Continue reading “Not Exactly Manitoba”

Challenge #4 Franklin Rempel (&Paul Krahn)


Getting ready


When you meet a slow moving pick-up truck filled with dudes on a gravel road in the evening, you can make a pretty safe assumption that part of what they are doing involves the consumption of alcohol.  For a Muerto rider, this means that you have one strong connection to these young men, a deep desire to avoid pavement at all costs.  This was the situation we found ourselves in on Thursday night, trying to find gravel that would support us, without risking extra miles because of running into paved roads.  We had started just after 6:00pm in Beausejour and were on our way to Lac du Bonnet for the first stop, and the rain we were chasing was making everything soupy, sloggy and stuck.

Continue reading “Challenge #4 Franklin Rempel (&Paul Krahn)”

Challenge #4: Paul Krahn (& Franklin Rempel)

We declared pretty early, and for the most part our intention was to gear up completely and tent along the way. After a May 7th half-day recon ride, and as the date with destiny drew nigh however, we started to reconsider a couple of factors: First, though we had given ourselves three days and an evening to finish we were pretty sure that if the weather and conditions were difficult, it was going to be a killer to finish in three; Second, once you’re about half-way into this ride there aren’t any outs really – if we’d have to call it quits it was going to be a long drive for the rescuers (and a long wait for us) – inconveniences abounded. So we discussed and debated and finally settled on a “lighter and faster” set-up, made some calls to Bissett to see if we could line up night’s lodging and food, and opted for a plan that we expected would more likely to succeed, regardless of the weather. We were right, I think. At least, things worked out.

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