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Challenge #5: the Crowd-Sourced Adventure



This time around we need your help to build a challenge. How does this work? Well, the challenge is based on two parts, part one which is where you tell us about a ride you did in southeastern Manitoba, and and part two where you build your own challenge based on those contributions.

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Get out and explore Manitoba on your bike and then tell us about your adventure. Go to the Challenges page and select a challenge. When you are ready declare your start, pack up you bike, get the camera ready and head out; let us know when you are done and we’ll set up so you can share your adventure with the rest of us.

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Challenge 4 plus a bit extra

I hadn’t planned on doing the summer challenge. At least not that week. I was just going to explore. But when a friend pointed out that the route I was planning on taking passed by all the of the checkpoints it was clear that it was fate. So after some fiddling with the route to bring me in line with the rules I declared, packed up my bike and set out.

I was doing a few things differently from others who had done challenge 4. The first was that I was starting and ending in Winnipeg, and simply passing through Beausejour twice. The second was that I was taking 5 days to do it and wasn’t terribly concerned with taking the most direct route possible, but lastly, I was doing Patricia Beach first and Ancient Mountains last.

I left Winnipeg on the morning of Victoria Day, it was cold and overcast. I left the city on 59 north, jumped onto the floodway trail, cut through Birds Hill Park and started my way west towards Beausejour. Continue reading “Challenge 4 plus a bit extra”

Challenge #3 on Foot

by Rhéal Poirier

Note: I apologize in advance for the horrible photos. I have learnt my lesson.  

August 20th. It’s just after 7:00 am. We’re parked in the Tim Horton’s lot in Morden (the starting point of our challenge) and all I can think to myself is “What the heck am I doing here?” No, I wasn’t kidnapped by the guys and forced to a death march. I had voluntarily signed up and was really excited to complete this challenge. I have run distances further than this before, I knew that I could do it. To understand the reasons why I was having second thoughts on completing the challenge we’ll have to travel back in time! Continue reading “Challenge #3 on Foot”

Karmic payback for years of suffering

the beginning is the end is the beginning

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The Walking Muerto – Challenge #3

by Alain Dupuis

The Summer Challenges have been on my radar for the past few years. Last year (2015), I was involved in some early discussions about running Challenge #3 but for various reasons that didn’t pan out. Then a few months ago, Joel Toews put out a call to a few runners to attempt the run. He keenly reminder us, if successful, this would be the first Operation Muerto Summer Challenge to be completed on foot.

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Challenge #3…On Foot???

With my Germanic roots I come honestly with a love of order when it comes to preparing for challenges such as this. Weeks before an event I’ll adapt a list from a previous run and then use it to make sure I’ll have everything I need, and nothing I don’t. I also really enjoy test-packing, figuring out where gear will go. So two days before Challenge #3, I was test packing, bent over to get some socks out of my drawer and a familiar twinge went through my back. Instant pain and tightness ensued, and all I could think was that there was no way I could participate in this challenge.

If it was just myself, I would have cut the cord, accepted defeat and moved on. However, there were three other gentlemen who had declared with me and I really didn’t want to miss out. Alain Dupuis, the rock, Mr. Consistent. Rheal Poirier, logistics wizard and downhill assassin. And last, but not least Dallas Sigurdur, fount of unbelievable stories, encourager and world-class pacer. The team was set, I had to at least attempt the challenge.

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