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Challenge #4


Waypoints:  Ancient Mountain in Nopiming Provincial Park (must reach the end of the trail), Wood Falls in Manigotagan River Provincial Park, and Patricia Beach Provincial Park. Cyclists need all three waypoints, runners need two. Official start and finish is in Beausajour.

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Winkler to Wasagaming

Every year since the beginning of time my wife’s family has been renting a cabin in Wasagaming. It’s the one week each year when the lot of us get away and just relax.

Since I made my exit from the world of skateparks and BMX and into the world of cycling (sometime in 2009), I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to ride from Winkler to the cabin at Clear Lake. This spring I decided that 2015 would be the summer of cycling. First the Summer Challenge (see earlier report), and then my solo ride out to the cabin. When the summer challenge didn’t go as planned I was even more motivated to complete my second ride. I was also quite thankful that I had planned them so far apart!

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Challenge #3

The bulk of my summer ride schedule was set back in November. 2015 being a Paris Brest year the randonneur schedule was jammed into May and early June leaving the 1000 for the first week of July. With a few weeks off I figured the I would ready for Challenge #3 the first week of August. Then one by one we all bailed on the 1000, bad knees, bad weather, too hot, all good excuses not to ride a 1000 km in less than 75 hours. So when Hal suggested I join him for the Summer Challenge the second weekend of July I was ready.         Morden Start

We rolled out of  Morden Saturday morning ignoring the weather warnings of heat and storms.

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A Fistfight with Mother Nature – Challenge #3

Mother Nature always wins.

Who, in their right mind, wants to ride their bike in the prairies in July. July is the month of terrible storms, terrible bad storms, terrible bad storms and hot humid temperatures. Fools, fools are the ones who want to ride their bikes in the prairies in July.

“Hey Pete, do you want to do Muerto #3 the weekend of July 11?”


Two fools are born. Here is the tale of two fools in pictures and words.


We should have known better, the forecast was ominous with temperatures in the 30s, with the potential of them soaring around 40 with the humidex, we ignored that and were ready to leave Tim Hortons in Morden on Saturday morning.

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Tough Day – Phil Tripp and Christina Banman

After reading all of the reports of the summer challenge #2, I wanted to partake in the challenge for 2015.  Once the route was revealed I was quite excited.  Starting in my backyard and going through the Killarney area where I was born, this route sounded great!  I was debating how to attempt the route and whether it would be solo or with a group.  Since non of the Country Cycle folk were up to the challenge, I had decided it would be a solo effort.  Then, talking with my sister Christina, it was decided that we would attempt this ride together.  Sweet!

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Summer Challenge 2015:   Scott Voth and Craig Doell

Introduction:  Operacion Muerto (Manitoba Ultra-Endurance Racing and Talking Organization) is a website dedicated to the sport of utlra-endurance racing and riding events in Manitoba as well as events attended by Manitoban’s outside of the province, whether it be on bike or foot. It contains stories and pictures from rides and runs mostly based on the challenges that are put out by us each year. Each Challenge requires that the participant not only complete the ride or run as described in the challenge but also requires that they write a story about their ride or run, complete with pictures. A new challenge is created each year but people can do any challenge on the list.

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