Do You Know Your Way

So, some of us have been trying some of the possible bike routes and roads these pass couple of weekends and, well, this is not going to be as straightforward as it might seem; there are some challenges out there girls and boys.

A road on Google maps and some road maps might labeled roads on those sources, they are only be that in the most general sense of the word. And a road may be fine when it is dry, but if it rains during your attempt you better get used to walking or riding the ditch or be willing to back track 10 miles like we did this last weekend.

A couple of noteworthy items

  • Old Dawson Road  can be used East of 40 Road (just west of Richer) it is an old asphalt road with no painted centre lines 
  • The declaration form opens next week
  • The story board will open shortly after that

We’re getting close.








The sign reads “Impassable When Wet” – this has been verified.


2 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Way

  1. So, you mention above that we “better get used to walking or riding the ditch or be willing to back track”. Does that mean that we are not absolutely relegated to gravel roads? Ie, if we took the Trans Canada Trail or parts of it, or in the ditch, we’re okay?

  2. This means that some roads, are not made up of a consistent material (gravel) all the way through, they may be a gravel dirt mixture, or dirt, or even grass with tire tracks on them; maps don’t tell you this. If you start the challenge and it starts to rain during your ride the road you have selected may become impassable, you have two choices ride back until you find a road that is passable in the wet conditions, or continue to move forward on the road you are on walking your bike because you can’t ride through the ditch or using he ditch to ride in because it is filled with grass and therefore “passable.”

    You can take whatever path you wish as long as it is not a paved highway, including the Trans Canada trail.

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